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Interested in advancing your career?  

To be considered for opportunities, please follow our simple process:

1. Send us your resume and completed application.

2. Your resume and application will be evaluated by one of our recruiting experts. If you

are identified as a potential fit for one or more placement opportunities with our clients,

we will schedule a call with you.

3. During this call, your personal recruiter will discuss your qualifications, employment

interests, and overall career ambitions so that we may develop a strategic placement

plan to help you attain your professional goals.

4. Your recruiter will then discuss your qualifications and goals with our Account Managers

and Partners in order to identify the specific employment opportunities that are the

best match for you.

5. On your behalf, and only with your consent, we submit your materials to those

companies with openings that match your profile and with whom we have already

developed meaningful recruitment relationships.

6. When a company expresses interest in your candidacy, we schedule a series of

interviews and make sure to help you prepare as much as necessary to present yourself

in the most impressive context.

7. If a company moves to the offer stage, we assist in the negotiation process, always

prioritizing your needs and goals.

8.  We will continue to be here to help you throughout your career.

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